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                            <JPNIC WHOIS HELP>

  JPNIC WHOIS server does not provide query service for domain name
  related information. Please access following whois services for .JP
  domain name related queries.

1. JPNIC WHOIS database includes the following type of information 
   under JPNIC management:

        TYPE            Description
        NET             Network Information
        AS              Autonomous System Information
        PERSON          Personal Information
        GROUP           Group Information

2. How to query the database:

        STRING          Broad search over the all information types
        IP address: whois -h
                    whois -h  2001:db8::
        ASN       : whois -h  AS 2515
        PERSON    : whois -h  XX9999JP
        GROUP     : whois -h  JP11111111

To restrict the search to a certain type of information:

        TYPE STRING     See above for types of information
        whois -h "NET"

To obtain related information:

        ^STRING         Displays the information that refers the STRING
        whois -h ^XX9999JP

        The above case displays Person Information with the NIC handle and a list
        of Network Information and ASN information which refer to the handle

3. Use of the information you obtain from JPNIC WHOIS is
   restricted to a purely network operations purpose.
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Bitte melden Sie uns fehlende WHOIS-Informationen oder neue WHOIS-Dienste und helfen Sie uns so den Dienst weiterhin aktuell zu halten. Danke!

Please inform us about not reachable WHOIS informations or new services. This will help us to held the Multi WHOIS service up to date for you. Thanks!